Game "laggy" at 30FPS smooth on 60

I have the 2d scroller in which i move the camera (which is parent to the player) than i have some background sprites that i translate once they are off camera. The issue is that if i run the game on forced 30 fps (by code) it feels laggy ,there is no spikes the movement just doesn’t feel smooth, once i switch to 60 fps the game is perfectly smooth but this is not a good solution for me since the target will be 30. I move camera up in Update in function of delta time, so far i tried setting position as well as using lerp or move towards but effect remains the same. Is it possible that In 30 frames the amount of offset per frame is too big to remain smooth? the scroll speed is fairly slow anyway.

Ok i have tried all that I could think of and that I could find but still no clue. Any ideas about what else can i try ?

Things I was playing around include vsync, lateupdate, fixupdate, high prio to script in execution order, smooth deltatime etc

30 FPS is literally half as smooth as 60. It’s simple math that frames get shown half as often. No amount of code can change it, you could try motion blur though it probably won’t help. Does the device you are targeting force you to use 30 FPS (impossible for 60) or do you just want to do 30 FPS?

im facing the Same Issue, im targeting low-end Mobile devices, i saw some games are running at 30fps and still having good fluidity.

did you found a solution for it?