Game lags on low end mobiles

My game works perfectly on high end phones like nexus 5 but lags on low end phones…The average fps of the game is 40-45 fps. At first it was not lagging but after using the FindwithTag and component enabled/disabled,it started lagging…Any suggestion on how to solve the lagging problem. Is it possible that there are any reasons for lagging?

If you are using FindwithTag and enabling/disabling components per frame or very frequently then you will get such kind of glitches since FindWithTag is actually a heavy process and it should not be performed each frame or rather frequently.

Also enabling/disabling components frequently should also be avoided.

You can actually cache your results of FindWithTag beforehand (like in Start method) so that you do not have to perform that operation frequently. You can also minimize the enabling and disabling of components by using some workarounds as per your requirements.