Game Loop, Update(), and Pause

Before using Unity, my game loop looks like

void DoGameLoop()
    if ( InGameState )
    else if ( InPauseMenu )
        PauseMenu.Update();  //Animation or something

////else blablabla...



void DoGameLoop()
    if ( IsPause ) return;


But in Unity, it makes game loop for us.
I use Update() in ALMOST every Monobehavior.

It seems the easiest way now to pause the game is Time.timeScale = 0
But if I do this, I have to use Time.realtimefromstartup for those shouldn’t stop.
It just makes me feel the bad smell in code.

Seems the old thing is a good choice.
However, if NOT using Time.timeScale = 0, pause unity animations and Invoke() will be some trouble.

Like GC, it exist, but you shouldn’t use it too much.
I want to ask, how about Update()?
Do I rely too much on Update()?
How do you use Update() or how do you build your game loop?

Update() is great for just about anything! I doubt you’re overusing it.

If you want something to continue during Time.timeScale = 0, you can use Time.unscaledDeltaTime instead of Time.deltaTime.

Update() continues to run when timeScale is 0, but you have to use a different delta in animations that should not pause.