Game not running smoothly on mobile device

I’ve been creating this game on my computer for months and everything works fine. But when I built the project and installed it into my android device, it doesn’t run as smoothly. I don’t wanna use the word “lag” as I don’t think that’s the correct term in this case. To be more specific, my game involves as series of platforms moving continuously from one end of the screen to another. When I play it on my mobile device, the platforms look a bit “shaky”, as if the speed of the platform isn’t exactly constant.

It’s possible that this is happening due to my computer having a more powerful processor than my phone and hence, the performance isn’t on par. But I don’t see why that should be the case given that my scene isn’t very complex. I’ve released an earlier version of this game on android before with roughly the same number of objects in my scene. It ran as smoothly on my phone as on my computer. Hence, I was expecting this version to be just as smooth.

To find out the problem, I made my game less complex by removing more objects from my scene and running it on my phone. But the performance was no different. The platforms still look quite “shaky” and their movement don’t feel very smooth. Any idea what’s causing this? Perhaps there’s some sort of setting I’m not aware of that can render the game on my phone just as well as on my computer?

Alright it seems that I’ve fixed it. Turns out there’s this thing called Quality in Project Settings. The quality for Android was set to “Fantastic”, so it was rendering the game at a much higher quality than my phone can support. I changed it to “Fastest” and now it runs as smoothly as in my computer.