Game not working after build

So, I’ve been developing a 2d game in unity and it was working great, but at some point, all my builds stop working and they all look like this:

It looks like this from the moment I open the game, not even the Unity Logo shows up, the game works fine in the unity editor, but when I build it, it’s just a solid blue with black bars and the background music playing. I figured this blue screen might be the camera background, so I changed it to red, but it’s still blue on the build.

I’m out of Ideas, the game has no errors in Unity, the only error I found was this int the %TMP% log

> ERROR: SymGetSymFromAddr64,
> GetLastError: 'Attempt to access
> invalid address.' (Address: 785E7D52)
> 0x785E7D52 (UnityPlayer)
> (function-name not available)

Can anyone please help me? There’s a picture of the game working on Unity:

@gothchickengames In build settings try setting the compression method to default, might work
also try changing Architecture in build settings
if those don’t work try closing unity hub and unity editor and run them as admin ,you might have permission issues, good luck!