Game not working after build!

Hi, am new to unity. I tried out my first ever game. It is working very fine withing the Unity engine but once i completed the built (PC and Mac standalone) and tried playing with the exe file, most of the features aren’t working! like, throwing an object or other gui textures i used are not working. But they are still fine in unity with no errors.
Where did I go wrong?

Check the file called “output_log.txt” which is located in the YourGameName_Data folder after you have run Build. I had a similar problem (see above) and found the answer contained in the output_log.txt.

Once I read about the problem in the log I was able to modify my code and re-build and had no more strange behavior or missing functionality.

try this link----------->>>> link text

And Hope Your problem will be solved by this…

Yes I did. It is still working fine in Unity. I did the sample project from Unity- Survival Island game.
There is a part where the player throws coconut. It works in Unity but not in the executed file.

	void Update () {
	if(Input.GetButtonDown("Fire1") && (canThrow)){
		    Rigidbody newCoconut = Instantiate(coconutPrefab, transform.position, 
				transform.rotation) as Rigidbody; = "coconut";			
			newCoconut.velocity = transform.forward * throwSpeed;
			newCoconut.collider, true);

This is the code i used. Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes. It works in Unity. And i’m able to open and play the built game, it doesn’t crash, but few features aren’t working. like in the above script the player must throw a coconut, but the player stays idle in the built game.

Had the same problem kavanavaks answer fixed it. Did a dev build and windows defender asked permission to allow certain functions. Allowed it one time and no problems.


@bazzer I can’t find output_log.txt file in game name data folder

Well if anyone needs help now, i fixed my problem by just building the game to make sure everything is updated, and even with the problems i closed the file and ran the exe from administrator.