Game Object changed transform after Android App Bundle Build

Hi everyone! I need help with an odd problem I’m having with my game. I have just released a beta on the Google Play Store and there is a game object that has moved! In editor it works fine, the game object is a sphere that is a child of the player prefab that changes material colour to indicate danger. And plays fine in editor, but when I build it and release the sphere has increased scale and looks like it has moved to position 0, 0, 0. It no longer moves with the player prefab but keeps changing material colour like it should. I have been learning Unity for a bit now but do not understand what has happened or how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated

Updated from Unity 2019.2.4 to 2019.2.6 and the issue has been resolved, the builds now match the editor. Unsure specifics about what caused it or fixed it in the update but if anyone has this happen try updating.