Game Object Disappears on start

Hi All,

I made a simple 3d object in Cheetah, with a simple animation, and imported in into Unity as an asset, made a prefab of it, and put 1 object in my FPS.

With my animation, in Cheetah3d, my scales are set to 1, and my positions are set to 0. After I import to Unity, my scales are.9999996 and my position is still 0's. I moved 1 object into the game, and placed it at -63.70942 19.26189 83.54975 My scales are still .9999996 When I hit start my objects position changes to 0, 0, 0 and animates nicely. Why does it move?

I have other Unity made prefabs in the tutorial I'm working out of and I can place those anywhere and when they animate they stay where they are placed. Why would it be any different for my prefab animation?

A few months ago something similar happened to me. First set all transforms and scale at 0 when you put that GameObject in the screen. Then create an Empty Object and put you object inside it, and move your Empty Object wherever you want. If the object is too small, then scale the Empty object, not the original one. I hope this helps!

foreach (SkinnedMeshRenderer smr in gameObject.GetComponentsInChildren<SkinnedMeshRenderer>())
     smr.enable = false;

dont rendering.