game object not visible in apk built

i m tring to make a parking game which has 3d car model with simple plane.
whats the problem is when i built the apk 3d car is not showing up in game.
i tested it with pc built its working fine in it.
i have no idea what happaning.
i tried to change shaders.
i tried layers.
pls need help with this problem
unity 5.5.0

finaly solved.
if any one got this mesh rendering on apk built.
playersetting/resolution and presentation/
use 32bit diplay
disable depth and stenpcil
it will fix any mesh rendering issues.
thank you who replyed for help.

Hi ;
i think using some kind of materials that your phone don’t support may cause this problem ;

Uncheck 32 bit display and disable depth and stencil

None of the solution solved my problem. I tried my luck with filters, and disabling 32 bit display depth. But playing around with layers and sorting order solved my problem but it’s weird cuz in the editor everything was fine but in the mobile none of em were appearing…