Game Objects and classes

I’m a Unity-Newbie, and I’m thinking about using it for my next project.

I’m having a hard time understanding the Core concept of Unity.
Most of us are probably familiar with more traditional ways of game-development, where you’re creating classes for your items on the screen. So for our main character, we’d create a class called “MainCharacter”, or whatever.

However, I feel like in Unity, you’d have to recreate the same things all over again.
If you’re creating a new scene, you have to add a game objects, add the scripts, the materials, etc.

Am I missing something? Can you have more control over objects by creating classes?

In Unity, GameObjects are containers, and you add components to them, including scripts. So you could create a MainCharacter class, and add an instance of that class to your main character game object. You can then save game objects in prefabs, which contain the game object hierarchy along with all attached components. You can drag instances of prefabs into other scenes, instantiate them from script, etc.

Keep in mind that all scripts attached as components have to derive from MonoBehaviour - you can read more about it in the reference.