Game object's draw location, position remains the same

I have a ball that follows the player, giving the effect that the player is holding the ball. However, when I walk with the ball, it’s position seems to flicker, not following the same smooth movement path as the player.

Exactly one frame later:

The ball is in a completely different location, even though its transform position remains the same.

I can upload my scripts I’m using, but I don’t think they are the problem. Does anyone know why the ball flickers like this? It flickers a lot while in motion, but when I stand still, the flicker goes to a minimum.

Full Screen Recording (10s)

The sphere has a rigidbody, which means that the physics engine is acting on the ball at the same time as whatever method you’re using to move it with the player. It’s always a bad idea to mix physics with direct translation at the same time. The results are usually really unpredictable.

I would suggest finding a way to turn off/disable the rigidbody while you move the ball, or set it to kinematic or something.