Game objects not appearing in the game window


Some objects I have loaded are showing up great in the scene view. I can still see them when I click onto the game window, but when I start the game, the objects get smushed together or some of them disappear or something like that (its weird). The camera is fine, the preview looks perfect. Any suggestions or links of where I could maybe solve this issue?

Thanks, Ironarcher72

Sounds like you have scripts that are running when you start the game. Are you using physics (ie. are your objects all RigidBodies?).

Check your objects out, see what Components are in each one, and see if it stops when you turn some of them off.


The game when running (messed up) including camera locations and object locations


The game stopped in the game window

Have you checked that your meshes don’t have an animation component? If they’re static, remove it.
You could also check that the right layers are turned on too? Just a few thoughts, not sure if that’s much use.

EDIT: Deffo looks like an animation problem. In the project view, make sure animations ‘Don’t Import’ on your static meshes.