Game Pad, Controller Support

For our existing app we are using Unity’s recent InputActions system, is there a way to continue using this for visionOS / is it supported? If not, is there another way?

This will be the correct way to use gamepad controllers but it isn’t supported yet on our side. We don’t currently support controllers in another way.

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Is there an eta for Gamepad support through InputActions? I can get input through using Gamepad.current etc with a PS5 controller plugged in to a Mac in the Simulator, but haven’t been able to have the Gamepad be bound to any InputAction controls.
Are there any workarounds to get this working instead of having to bypass InputActions…?

edit: ah just came past this one: In game controls in VisionOS simulator - #7 by DanMillerU3D
edit2: oh I get input in a build in the simulator thanks to the tip mentioned in the link above.

Want to make a game that relies on a controller.

Should MFi controllers be supported?

Generally I have a hard time getting controllers to work in the Unity editor…
This doesn’t do anything :confused: