Game Pad Joystick not working!

I was watching this video:

These two errors keep popping up:

InvalidOperationException while executing 'performed' callbacks of 'Gameplay/Move[/XInputControllerWindows/leftStick/down]' Unity Engine.InputSystem.LowLevel.NativeInputRuntime/<>c_DisplayClass7_0:<set_onUpdate>b_0(UnityEngineInternal.Input.NativeInputUpdateType) ... etc


InvalidOperationException: Cannot read value of type 'Vector 2' from control '/XInputControllerWindows/leftStick/down' bound to action 'Gameplay/Move[/XInputControllerWindows/leftStick/down]' (control is a ButtonControl with value type 'float') ... etc

Note: I’m using a wireless Logitech game controller

For those who might have had the same problem as me, I just now deleted all the code and instead of following the Brackeys video, I followed a video by somebody called samyam on youtube and my problem was fixed. I hope this helps anyone!