Game pauses at the start of the game

I have a two scenes in my game, the first scene is the main menu screen and the last scene is the game, I also have a gameover screen “panel” so when the player dies, the gamers can go back the main menu scene. My problem is that when you play the game again after dying from that round the game start of pause and won’t let you move the player until you double press the pause button ( I already have in my game). When you play the game (first time) there is no problem, when you replay the game (second time) the game is frozen until you double tap the pause button. If anyone could help me (urgently) that you’d be much appreciated.

My guess is that you have “Pause on Error” selected in your Console, and you have errors probably from nullRef or duplicate objects as you move from scene to scene. If not, specify what you mean by ‘replay the game’ - literally stop/restart in EDITOR, or death/respawn in-game? And do you set any persistent data like PlayerPrefs.