Game pauses sometimes with OnTriggerEnter

I have a player cube that passes through gates. If he hits the gates, it’s game over, if it passes between, score is added. The score detection area is a cube and it is a child of the gate, which in itself is a child of another world object. The score cube has a tag of “Score”, the gate has a tag of “Obstacle”. This al works perfectly on my Mac but when run on iPad or iPhone, sometimes when the cube passes through the gate there is an ever so slight pause… it’s enough to ruin the game, as it’s an extremely fast paced game. When it pauses like that, 9/10 times it screws you up for the next gate… I can’t release like this and have no idea how or why this is happening…

Here’s my code for the collision (in case I have done something REALLY stupid):

function OnTriggerEnter(Other : Collider)
	if (Other.gameObject.CompareTag("Score"))
	else if (Other.gameObject.CompareTag("Obstacle"))
		main.bGameIsOver = true;

		for (var i = 0; i < PlayerParts.length; ++i)
			PlayerParts*.rigidbody.isKinematic = false;*

_ PlayerParts*.transform.parent = null;*_

* var RandomX = Random.Range(-100, 100);*
* var RandomY = Random.Range(-100, 100);*
* var RandomZ = Random.Range(-100, 100);*

* var RandomRotX = Random.Range(500, 1000);*
* var RandomRotY = Random.Range(500, 1000);*
* var RandomRotZ = Random.Range(500, 1000);*

_ PlayerParts*.rigidbody.AddRelativeForce(RandomX, RandomY, RandomZ);
PlayerParts.rigidbody.AddRelativeTorque(RandomRotX, RandomRotY, RandomRotZ);

I was thinking it might be that code where I make the player cube break apart, but it’s pausing when it passes through the gate as well, so that code wouldn’t even be accessed…
Badly need help! Thanks :slight_smile:_

This turned out to be the dynamic fonts. Every time a new character is displayed a new texture is created and I had the font sizes reasonably high, so I’m guessing that made it even worse. In my case, when the collision was occuring, it would trigger the Game Over text, which was big and had huge dynamic fonts. By making the fonts unicode and tweaking sizes, I fixed it all.