Game renders on lower resolution than it's supposed to

Hi everyone,

I’m working on this game with multiple scenes and I did something wrong while I was creating a settings window where the player could change game resolution and graphics. Now the game is running on fullscreen on incredibly low graphics (might be the resolution, since when I change the fullscreen mode in-game it becomes a really small window). The game looks fine in the editor, I tried configuring and resetting player settings, but it didn’t help. What is more, the game has over 30 scenes and I was working only on one of them, but this messed up the whole project.

Here’s how the game looks in Game View:

Here’s how the game looks when I build it:

I feel like this is a stupid and simple problem, but I’ve already spent too many hours on this with no significant progress, so I really need help.

alt text

Hi, I have the same problem and changing the quality options doesn’t work. but I build the game and copied the game (not the project) to a usb and opened it on another computer. it works well.