Game Runs Horribly Slow On iPad?

Hi I have a game and its not performance intensive and it runs great on the iPhone and android devices but for some reason it runs extremely laggy on the iPad? my game is released and I desperately need to know why so I can fix it and release an update. Thank you so much!

If you have Unity Pro, you can run your game in the profiler and look for performance hotspots.

Either way, the game view has a “stats” widget that will show you frame time, draw calls, vertex count, and so on. Typical dev machines have quite a lot more power than the average mobile device.

Are you using mobile shaders? You should be.

Are you instantiating a lot of objects? It’s cheaper to recycle them with object pools.

Does your game have a lot of errors in the console? Fixing those will tend to make it run faster (not to mention correctly).

Whatever is going on, you should try eliminating or disabling features one-by-one to see how much they impact the game’s performance on mobile. Test as many scenarios on as many devices as you can. Look for trends. Google around for recommendations and troubleshooting guides.

Maybe your game has incompatabality issues? (sry for that horrible english XD)

Maybe your Ipad dosen’t have enough RAM/Memory?

or it’s just something in your game?

Sorry but i really don’t know.

You can set the performance to downsize in you are using unity remote 5
But, the problem is that your game will have really bad quality on the i-pad or i-phone your using to test out your game.