Game runs in slow motion in iOS even using Time.deltaTime

My game runs in what seems to be slow motion in iOS, which is very strange, considering I use Time.deltaTime when handling movement. Absolutely everything is slower, including my timers (which I use many methods for, from coroutines to tracking time with a float I subtract Time.deltaTime from), and animations (using Unity’s animation system, which shouldn’t be affected).

I have confirmed that Time.timeScale is set to 1 both in editor and when it is running on iOS. Time.timeScale is the only thing I can think of that should have this affect on the game, but it’s set to default. I’ve tried building for different versions of iOS and for with different renderers and I’ve had the exact same effect. I have no idea what could be causing this. Any thoughts?

After creating a new project with my timer test script and seeing that it works as intended in the new project, I checked the settings between the two projects to see what was different. It turns out that the maximum allowed timestep was changed in the time settings, and that was causing things to slow down at a lower frame rate.