Game Scene Not Matching Tutorial When Using Latest Version Of Unity

Hey all,

Stupid question, but I am following this tutorial: Create A City Building Game In Unity - Strategy Tutorial - GameDev Academy

And in there game, they are getting these nice thick grids, and you can see the grass textures.

However I am getting this:

(Would share more but only allowed one image)
In the tutorial they do mention that the lighting might be off, but nothing I tried with the lighting worked.

The version of Unity I am using is 2022.3.4f1 on a mac
The version of Unity used in the tutorial I believe is 2020.1.0f1

When I use this version (2020.1.0f1) it works!

But I am wondering why, and how can I get the same result in the latest version?

Solved, had applied the tiling to the secondary map.