Game showing black borders

Hi I’m new to unity and playing around to get used to everything.

I have been doing some tests and so far everthing is going ok but I stumbled on something I could not find a descent solution for.

When building the game I have black borders on the side. how can I get rid of them so the game is really full screen?

I disabled the display resolutiong box and hard coded in that the window goes ‘Windows fullscreen’ but now I have these anoying black borders.

Can anybody push me in the right direction?


Hello @LoneWolf78 ,
I understand this is a bit late but to answer this its simple. Go to the game view click on Free Aspect and un-check the low resolutions aspect ratios box.
Hope this helps anyone with the issue.

Running into the same issue but haven’t been able to find a solution :frowning:

Edit: The build works fine as expected on my PC but the black bars appear when running on my older slower laptop. Also not sure if it matters, but desktop monitor res is 1920x1080 and laptop is 1366 x 768.