Game Speed match on different devices??

Hello friends,
I have problem for my game, on different devices of android my game speed is different.
I have created a level n gave 60 secs. to complete but problem is that on some devices game runs faster and the target score is completed in only 20-30 secs. and on some devices its get completed in 50-60 secs. Please suggest me any solution on this issue.
Thanks in Advance.

Most probably, you put the time as just 60, so it depends on the FPS or frames per second and the time may be different on different devices.

The most appropriate solution might be to multiply the time with Time.deltaTime so that it differs as to the difference of seconds between your frames and do not change from device to device.

What it does here is to provide a stable time based not on the frames but the actual time so that quality does not matter most.