game stops and acts again in a min..

My app is a clicker game which has many UI objects. Users generally tap a lot.
Whenever they tap, it performs a few coroutines which handles moving images.
And the app also does huge-number calculations in every tap.
The problem is, sometimes the app stops, but it’s not crashed. It still plays music. And a minute later(or a little longer), the app starts working again. Looks like it’s too busy with tons of jobs to get it done.
Maybe because of too many coroutine jobs?
Too many graphic jobs(simple moving) can freeze the app?
I never seen this before, so can’t find a solution. Currently it runs on Android phone. Please help.

you should be able to find out what’s going on with the profiler. run the game and after the freeze look out for the spike. it should tell you what is causing this.
remember,a coroutine can only split it’s workload across multiple frames with yields. so when you run loops within them with countless iterations, make sure to put at least a yield return null in there.