Game stops working correctly after building apk

Everything worked fine before i tried to build an android application. But right after that game started working wrong, both in apk on device and in editor. So i have 3 duplicated objects (different prefabs though), they are almost the same, only their position and animator controllers are different. These 3 objects have a script component and it is the same script on 3 of them. However, right after build is successfully finished without any errors (there are no errors while running the game in the editor) some parts of the script i mentioned before are just ignored on one or two of the objects. This number differs for some unknown reason (at least one of the objects still works correctly). To be more precise, each object in OnTriggerEnter2D checks if collider was swiped(this bool is in colliders script. i check it with GetComponent). The only way to fix it is to “reimport all”, but right after i build the game, it starts behaving weirdly again.

I think i should mention that i have some backups of the project in different folders and i tried building from both versions of the project, result is the same. Please someone save me from this frustration D:

p.s. Unity v. 2019.1.0f2

Probably just an issue updating to new unity editor. first, MAKE A LOT OF BACKUPS, the try reimporting (will take a long time) and (separately) deleting the offending objects