Game view auto-scaling resolution.

I’m testing out a few things and when I select on the game view a resolution of 480x800 (my device resolution), it auto-scales and it says: “Using resolution 254x424”. These values changes as I make the size of the game scene bigger/smaller, but my problem is it’s only scaling the resolution but not everything inside it, so there are things that I don’t get to see. How can I fix that?

For example, if I have a button of length 300 it doesn’t fit in my view.

I’m assuming that you’re talking about GUI Textures and GUI Text…
For perfect stretching an GUI Texture on your screen:
Set the Pixel Inset to: X:0 Y:0 W:0 H:0 The position: X:0.5 Y:0.5 Z:0 The Scale: X:1 Y:1 Z:1

For making a GUI Texture for a button and making it to stretch on any resolution:
Just set every value from the Pixel Inset to 0

For making the same thing with a GUI Text:
Disable the Pixel Correct CheckBox, that will make the text blurry, i know, but don’t worry…
It’s blurry because the scale isn’t normal. Just try to scale it until is isn’t so blurry, and import another Font than the Default one, and clicking the imported font, and changing the resolution in the inspector to 500 and, after that you can adjust the size without blurring it whenever you want from the Font Size value ;D

Hope it helps ;D
Good Luck with your project.