Game won't run in Windows XP?!?!?!

Hi guys and gals,

For some reason, everyone I send test build to who is running WinXP can not play the game (Access Violation 0xc0000005). I built for Windows, not Windows 64bit, so why would this be happening?

I am building from a Mac Mini, OS X 10.8. What could I be missing?


UPDATE: Now my friend is saying that it is loading and audio plays, but the gfx are all stuffed up… black and green screens. No errors in the log… this only happens in XP. Win7, OS X and iOS all fine!

Access Violation 0xc0000005 means that the memory is corrupted. How many computers is the same problem occurring on. I did some research for you, if the windows installation is up to date (there was a hotfix for this error once upon a time), it is very likely there is a fault on the hardware on the test machine.