Game works in unity editor, but not as built.

Hi guys! I have made a small game for teachers where they can insert their questions and correct answers and also 2 incorrect answers so they can give small quiz to their students. My only problem now is that the game works perfectly in Unity editor, but when i try to build it and play it suddenly in the 2nd level of the game the player doesn’t get anymore damage from the enemies (incorrect answers) and i know collisions work because the animation plays. I also discovered when i go to the leaderboard scene the back button is not there anymore. There may be other problems also that i don’t know of, but my question is why does it work perfectly in the editor and not as built and what should i do?:smiley:
I will attach a small video here as proff.

Are any scenes missing in the build settings? And just to be clear - this 2nd level mishap never happens while in the editor? @teneadenis