Game works on most computers but half the scene vanishes on one of them.

My uncle asked me for a clock program. He likes old clocks but is still a gizmo guy so I wrote one for him in .NET and a new version in UNITY. My question is obviously about the one I wrote in UNITY.

On 2 windows 10 machines it runs perfectly, albeit slow on the single core Pentium. On an identical single core Pentium with windows 7 however, it starts up and the clock face(cube) and Moon(sphere) hovering over it disappear leaving the animated hands(planes) floating in space. With the smog machine blowing clouds of smoke in front of where the moon should be. simulated clouds.

As cool as the clock hands in a star field is, I put a bit of work into the moon phase calculations for controlling the “sun” and want the darn moon to show. The clock face would be nice too.

Has anyone else had a similar issue? is it direct x at fault maybe? Is there a known issue with old intel video chipsets that windows 10 is bypassing by using the standard video driver?

I hope this helps someone else if they have the same problem. Hopefully they will find this answer in the deluge of comment. … singular, comment, my own.

I fixed it. It was a shader issue. The machine in question was using an original windows XP driver on windows 7 and was not capable of using half the shaders in Unity. The other hardware identical machine was running windows 10 and emulating the hardware so it functioned, slowly.

Simply using legacy diffuse shaders instead of the current specular shader on a port targeted for the old machines fixed the issue.

So after checking your camera layers check your shaders if you have things not displaying on some machines.