Gamecenter achievement already reported

Hi there.
My game has several achievements which are to be completed over time, so there is a progression display in gamecenter which shows your progress in percent. The app fires some reports to gamecenter after the game has ended to update this values. Sadly the values aren’t updated because they are treated as completed after the first report. Even if it is only at 1% instead of 100%.

I get an error message at xcode that looks like this:

Looking for play.5, cache count is 8
Already reported play.5

“play.5” is the gamecenter achievment ID. But I have no idea what cache count is.
The user is authenticated and I’m in gamecenter sandbox mode.

I have no clue what to do. Help is very much appreciated.

What system are you using to do these? The Prime31 plugin or what?

You don’t give much info.

In fact - annoyingly - YOU HAVE TO “yourself” keep a list of achievements already made. Just one of those annoying things in life.