GameObject block particles?! help

Is it possible to make my particles not been able to pass through gameobjects?

The gameobjects need to have some sort of collider, for the particles to collide with. You also need to add a World Particle Collider to the particle system and set up the variables in there.

Sort of. There are two solutions.

  1. With the Shuriken particle system, you can only make particles collide on a flat plane. This will be changing when Unity 4 is launched.
  2. With the legacy particle system, you can make particles collide with actual colliders. However, the legacy particle system is limited in other ways, and there’s no way of converting a Shuriken system to the legacy system… you’d have to build it from scratch.

what if i combine the length of particle with a Raycast? for example extend as a raycast and stop at the point where it touches a gameObject? Would that work?

well it shoots 1 at a time. i managed to make it stop when it hits the Plane, but still not interacting with gameObjects. even with raycast :confused: I guess the way i use the RaycastHit script is wrong.