GameObject can disappear 1 second after play, but still appear in scene window

I had a problem like this before for my other gameobject, I fixed it by duplicate another object and change its renderer to the gameobject i wanted. but this issues is weird, I don’t have any animator in that 2D lights, it just suddenly dissapear after I hit play, but I can see it is still there in the scene window. It just like the camera does not want to render it, I don’t understand

It happened to me in one of my proyects, in my case it was because the player at the start of the game move to the same Z coordinates that the camera, you don’t see it because you have the 2D scene view. If you hit Play and select the 3D scene view in the inspector you can prove it.
In my case the problem was that the code of the movement moves the player there in the Start.
I hope this helps you :slight_smile: