Gameobject can't be rendered correctly after network.spawn()

Hey guys I’ve got some rendering problems.I’ve clicked on the Spawn button contained in the networkobject during testing. However, it seems that the corresponding object can’t be rendered correctly after I press the Spawn button, and its scales become really strange. I’m wondering if it’s a problem regarding rendering or other issues.

For the “Spawn” button I mentioned above, I mean this button which appears during a test of the whole project.After I click on this, the corresponding gameobject’s transform become really strange.
(Before I click on spawn, the scales are all exactly 1 and they become 1.027939 after the click, which I don’t know where it comes from)
Also, I can’t see the gameobject in both the game and the scene, thought I’m sure it still exists as it was shown in hierarchy.
I’m new to unity and I hope I make the situation clear.I’m really thankful if there’s any discussion or solution.