GameObject disappears when parented, unity bug?

I simply have 1 gameObject that has a sprite renderer. It appears on the screen fine, until I decide to parent it. When I parent it, it disappears. Still if I right click → create sprite over the parent and then paste the sprite renderer values from the problematic to the new gameObject it works.

[Unparented] 1.

After I parent it.

Return to unparented after once being parented.

The new sprite.

This looks like a nasty unity bug to me. Is it?

I would suspect that this is a Sorting Layer conflict. Is the parent on a UI canvas?. I would check the sorting layers for each object and try adjusting them to see if you can make it visible again. What layer/settings does the newly created visible sprite have compared to this one?


Aha! You’re right, it’s not the sorting layers, look at the scale values… For some reason it’s being set to scale (0, 0, 0). This is why it’s not visible.

Unity 2019.3.7f – This bug is still active.
I created a parent – and all my UI elements were gone.

Glad I found this post as I never would have thought to check the scale of the actual elements…