Gameobject doenst rotate despite changing Transforms Rotation

I try to instantiate my cars, but as you can see, the second (black) car ist not changing into the right position.
What could be the Problem?
Thank you!


Without more info is imposible to know…

are you rotating them? Are yousetting its initial rotation?

ITs a prefab? how is stored the prefab?

Is the mesh that is made like this?

Thank you for the answer!
I am trying to understand the script, but I think maybe it has something to do with the Transform from the beginning. In the attached Picture you can see the car is hadding 45° to the left. The other motorcycle/cars, which are driving are hadding 45° to the right side. So do you think here is my Problem? And how can I change it?


And can you tell me what the blue thing in the right corner of my prefab box means?138518-unbenanmnt.png