gameObject.Find() returns null.

Hey there!

I am trying to create a script for a smokegrenade, the Smokegrenade contains a particle emitter which emits a thin trail of smoke as the grenade is fired and then after 3 seconds the Smokegrenade’s child object ‘SmokeCap’ is supposed to start emitting the thick smoke, but for some reason the variable GrenadeMuzzle that i created on line 6, returns null instead of returning an object, am i doing something wrong?

Here is my Javascript:

#pragma strict
var GrenadeTime = 0f;
private var oneSecond = 0.001f;
var duration : int = 20;
var despawnTime : int = 60;
var GrenadeMuzzle = gameObject.Find("SmokeCap");

function Start () {

function Update () {
	GrenadeTime += oneSecond + Time.deltaTime;
	print("GrenadeTime: " + GrenadeTime);
	if (GrenadeTime >= 6) {
		particleEmitter.emit = false;
		GrenadeMuzzle.particleEmitter.emit = true;
	if (GrenadeTime > duration) {
		GrenadeMuzzle.particleEmitter.emit = false;
	if (GrenadeTime > despawnTime) {

I think you need to make line 6 just:

var GrenadeMuzzle;

And then in the Start method, use:

this.GrenadeMuzzle = gameObject.Find("SmokeCap");

I say this because I don’t think the child objects are going to exist before the object has been set up.