GameObject.getComponent problem

This code did sound quite plausible for me, but it failed miserably. I guess its easy to understand what I want to do… What am I doing wrong?

This is my code:

GameObject.FindWithTag("Tag_Here").getComponent("Component_Here").VariableHere = true;

And the error:

MissingMethodException: Method not found: ‘UnityEngine.GameObject.getComponent’.

You have two problems in your script:

  • The function GetComponent is called GetComponent and not getComponent.
  • You shouldn’t use the string version of GetComponent since the compiler can’t determine the type it should return.

Do it like this in UnityScript:

GameObject.FindWithTag("Tag_Here").GetComponent(Component_Here).VariableHere = true;

and like this in C#:

GameObject.FindWithTag("Tag_Here").GetComponent<Component_Here>().VariableHere = true;

Debug first like this

GameObject go = GameObject.FindWithTag("Tag_Here");
if( go )
   if(go.GetComponent("Component_Here") )
      go.GetComponent("Component_Here").VariableHere = true;
   else print("Component_Here not found");
else print("GameObject with Tag_Here not found");

You will know whatz wrong.