GameObject GUI Script Drawing to a Specific Camera

I have a ongui function (legacy, immediate gui) on a game object script and would like it to draw to a specific camera. I’ve tried adjusting camera depth, turning gui layer on and off, but I can’t get it to draw to the second of my 3 cameras used in the scene. Oh, I am displaying the multiple cameras to multiple displays too. So I want the gui on a specific camera on a specific display.

The IMGUI does not use any camera at all. It directly draws to the screen. You can even remove all cameras from the scene and still can draw OnGUI stuff. Though without a camera the screen isn’t being cleared, but that could be done with GL.Clear() inside OnGUI ^^. In fact i did something like that in some of my projects.

So it’s not possible to “draw to a camera”. The IMGUI (as far as i know) is restricted to the main monitor. However i’m not sure if there’s a way to draw to a different monitor. The IMGUI is not very flexible in this area.