GameObject ignores collision while swinging from hinge joint 2D

I have an object with a rigidbody and a collider (the green square). When I click, a hinge joint is activated for this object, and it swings from where I clicked like a pendulum. However, when it is swinging, it ignores collision with the ground. When I release the mouse, and the hinge joint goes away, you can see the green box suddenly realizes “oops! That’s ground!” and collides again. Here are some sample clips:



Any idea why this might be happening?

I think I found an solution! I’ve used transform.position when I move the character, try using rigidbody2D.position, you wont ignore collision then. Transform.position is basiclly “teleportation”. Not sure if this is the most optimized solution, but it’s good enough I guess

Yes you are not supposed to move objects with transform while using unity physics because that will break the physics, I am having a similar problem though, I have 2 objects one with a box collider and rigidbody2d and one with a circle collider, it’s the arrow on a spinwheel and the pegs they collide no problem the arrow is fixed in place and rotates when a peg hits it, works, but then I want the arrow to spring back to place but when I add the hingejoint2d the 2 objects no longer collide… not sure why…
EDIT: Lol, I solved my problem there is a tick box in hingejoint2d enable collision which is off by default…

The other reason for this is if your two objects both have colliders, but neither has a Rigidbody2D. All collision detection comes from Rigidbody2D component. At least one of the two objects need a rigidbody component for any collision detection to happen.