Gameobject invisible on iOS build

When i build my game project to iOS and i run the app it starts fine but when i press play the gamecard objects are invisible but they are interactable. Because this is a memory game and when you press 2 different cards you lose a live and i can press these card even tough they are invisible.

So far the Xcode log doesn’t give errors and the issue is non existent on android and PC and i tried multiple things from different shaders and turning on settings to help building towards a iOS device.

So i wanted to ask if someone has any idea or experience in this situation.

Ty for the response, i have been looking into your reasons and try to see but sadly i am not finding the issue with the first 9 reasons after checking and i am still looking at reason 10 by changing shaders and changing stuff like image type in unity because it seems iOS can be a little hard headed with this stuff. But so far still no solution and its really hitting my head hard. because i tried everything and searched everywhere but it just doesn’t want to get fixed :frowning: and there are so far i can see no errors in the build logs that could point me in some sort of direction.

Hi @junkfreak , have you found the solution? It is happening with me now and it has started pissing me off…