Gameobject is null for no reason

So here is my problem:

I have a Gameobject with a script attached.
Some other script calles this script.

Now here is the deal:

Sometimes the object and thus also the script are null. This wouldnt be so strange if i couldnt see gameobject and script in the hirarchy while a debug tells me that they are null…

I made a debug that debugs the object every frame and… weird thing… Its null every second frame, but present in the frames between…

Really dont know whats going on here…

Anyone got any help?

Hey guys. So I have figured out the problem… So I will just answer my onw question here xD

So: Problem was that something with my Lists wrent wrong. You know I have a List of CardLines and I deactivated them… so for some reason each CardLine existed 2 times but the second clone or what it was, was some kind of virtual element that didnt acctually exist… so that was the problem :slight_smile: