GameObject keeps acting like gameObject.

Hello, I am having an issue where GameObject is acting like gameObject would; where the game doesn’t recognize the GameObject put into the slot in the unity inspector. It instead keeps recognizing it whenever I GetComponent as a gameObject or the object that the script is currently on. Not sure what is going on or how to fix it, so any help is appreciated.

    public class Scp_ConstantValues : MonoBehaviour
        public GameObject Color1;
        public GameObject Color2;
        public Color Red = new Color(1.0F, 0.3F, 0.4F);
        public Color Green = new Color(0.2F, 1.0F, 0.4F);
        public Color Blue = new Color(0.2F, 0.3F, 1.0F);
    public void SetColor1Red()
        RocketColor1 = "Red";
        ParticleSystem Color1 = GetComponent<ParticleSystem>();
        Color1.startColor = Red;
    public void SetColor1Green()
        RocketColor1 = "Green";

There are inconsistencies between Color1, the GameObject member of the class, and Color1, the ParticleSystem within the SetColor1Red method.

By the way, I’m not sure why you have individual methods. You could have a more generic method SetColor (int colorIndex, Color color) {}