GameObject move with camera with vuforia

Hello guys ,
I am making an mixed reality app with vuforia, i managed to instantiate many quad with picture on circle around the user .
When my target is found it’s work but when i move my camera the spirale move really weird and i loose the tracking
what ive tried so far
enable extended tracking =>no change
i tried to enable persistent extended tracking =>no change
i put this in DefaultTrackableEventHandler

            if (newStatus == TrackableBehaviour.Status.DETECTED ||
                newStatus == TrackableBehaviour.Status.TRACKED ||
                newStatus == TrackableBehaviour.Status.EXTENDED_TRACKED)
				ObjectTracker tracker=TrackerManager.Instance.GetTracker<ObjectTracker>();
			bool succes=tracker.PersistExtendedTracking(true);


and i tried with imagetarget and gameobject static but still no change .
If someone know a way to do this i’ll aprecciate sorry im new to unity .

nobody could help? im really stuck on this i tried many thing like unparent the model when trackingfound but when i move around my target the model stay on the screen view and follow camera instead of stay in position