GameObject pasting issue since 2019.3.11


Our team is currently looking into upgrading our project to 2019.4, but while testing it I've found a bug that was just too obvious for me to believe at first. It seems like there is an issue regarding copy & pasting a GameObject into a parent object where the pasted object is pasted in local space rather than in world space. Here's the setup.
You have the following hierarchy:
Object A
- Object B
Object C
Now I want to copy Object C onto Object B so it also becomes a child of Object A.

The expected result is, that the Copy of Object C keeps the world position from its original Object C.
But actually, the Copy of Object C gets copied in local space, meaning that it's actually at a different world position than its original.

We are doing a lot of copy / pasting from playmode to do our level design and this is definitely us slowing down by a lot.
This "issue" was (from my findings) first introduced in 2019.3.11 and is still in, in the newest 2020 version. I'm just wondering whether this was an intentional design change or if it was a bug, since I can't find anything related to this anywhere on the internet.

Did anyone else also notice that?

Anyways, I created a bug report which you can follow here:

I noticed copy and paste of objects in my UI prefabs was scaling wrong in 2019.4.x, possibly the same issue. It’s been fixed in 2020.1.6 for me so maybe that’s an option for you to consider?

alternatively you could make a new menu command with a new shortcut key and code a fixed version of paste that you can use as a workaround