Gameobject script enable weird behavior

I have a rather simple gameobject with three scripts, amongst which a simple one with an OnMousedown() function, that performs correctly and prints to console.

I have the need to disable the simple script after three clicks, and I thought well this seems pretty straightforward so I came up with this:

int maxclicksallowed = 3;
int clicks = 0;

void Update() {
  //do the update stuff

void OnMouseDown() {

  if (clicks > maxclicksallowed) {
    //this actually works: the script gets disabled in the inspector
    gameObject.GetComponent<thisscriptclass>().enabled = false;
    print("how dare you click so much, I'm deactivating this script");

  else {
    //do the stuff i normally do

Curious and unexpected thing is, despite the script being disabled in the inspector (the checkbox gets unflagged), mouse clicks on the object will still print the message, so WTF?

I don’t like the idea of destroying the component script since it holds runtime state variables of the object that I’d need to save in some convolute way, and I don’t like the idea of using a boolean condition, since the object will keep calling its update function “for nothing” (since it’ll skip thanks to the false boolean condition mentioned).

So I’m ultimately wondering: what’s the best way to ‘disable’ a script and prevent it’s execution and Update calls until reactivation?


Just checkout the Monobehaviour reference at

Note: The checkbox for disabling a MonoBehavior (on the editor) will only prevent Start(), Awake(), Update(), FixedUpdate(), and OnGUI() from executing. If none of these functions are present, the checkbox is not displayed.

OnMouseDown will still be executed on your GameObject.

You should deactiveate the entire GameObject ( = false). If you want to separate components, just create a child to your game object, and add your component and disable the child on over click.

NB : you can use this to refer to gameObject.GetComponent<thisscriptclass>()