gameobject spawn in randomrange coordinates

hi all :slight_smile:
like in the title i have to spawn my gameobject in random range coordinates, but i dunno how i can do that.
i wrote this script:

function spawn () {
	spawnpos = Random.Range(1,4);
	if (spawnpos == 1)
		Instantiate(enemy1, Vector3(Random.Range(-10,10),-6,0));
	if (spawnpos == 2)
		Instantiate(enemy1, Vector3(-10,Random.Range(-6,6),0));
	if (spawnpos == 3)
		Instantiate(enemy1, Vector3(Random.Range(-10,10),6,0));
	if (spawnpos == 4)
		Instantiate(enemy1, Vector3(10,Random.Range(-6,6),0;));

but didn’t work…what i’m doing wrong? :
thank you all for your help!

You have a semi-colon after the 0 on line 11 that should not be there.