Gameobject use Animator to show up,while it can't be controlled by code then.

I made a plane,and put an animationclip(the plane will take off from the ground) on its Animator component.After taking off,its flight cource is planned to be controlled by its AI script.
However After taking off ,the animationclip is still controlling the position of the plane(the plane will keep stay at the end frame of the take off animation),the code is unable to affect it.

I know the animator will affect the gameobject after code unless code is written in LateUpdate().But i would like to make it clearer that 'During the taking off,the plane will fly by the take off animation,and after the taking off,the animationclip will no longer affect i,instead the AI script will take over the control.' 
Is there any solution to achieve this? looking forward to hear your answer,thank you!

You have to stop the animator playback so the game logic can take over. Try to call Animator.StopPlayback() before the AI script takes over.