GameObject VS Sprite 2d

Sorry for this stupid question but actually this teo things so confuse me. I dont get any explain in tutorial i used.

  1. Actually when we need and not need to use gameObject? Because i found sprite does has some component inside when gameObject only has transfom. If you say we can add component, sprite does too!. Why do i need to add sprite into gameObject when sprite alrady has what i need include adding more component?
  2. So can i make all my game only using sprite rather than gameObject?
  3. Can i say sprite also gameObject? Because i found an example like this Destroy (gameObject) can sprite destroy to? If not, what should i use to replace gameObject so my sprite can destroy too? Destroy (sprite)?
  4. Is there any benefit and disadvantages between this two?
  5. Thank you for the answer.

GameObjects (like meshes) are all the objects holding components (including sprites) so in scripting

public var Something:GameObject; //this can hold sprite
function Awake(){
//c-sharp (Might contain errors)
public GameObject Something;
void Akake(){

Script is CC-0!

I think your question is answered but for clarity:
most sprites are used for 2d games like 2d roguelike from unity essentials

and other types are used for 3d

But this does not mean that sprite has to be in 2d or Other GameObjects have to be in 3d

unity doesn’t limit you to that

but it is recommended to use sprite for 2d and others for 3d

didn’t understand what I said

Don’t worry check these links out



2d vs 3d