GameObject with NavMeshAgent resets rotation when game starts

Hey, I have a GameObject with a NavMeshAgent component attached to it. When the game starts the GameObject’s rotation resets.

Thanks for your help!

I found the answer myself, the model was imported from Blender (3D Modeling Tool), in Blender the Y axis is not facing up so the rotation on the “X” axis need to be “270” and the NavMeshAgent resets it when the game starts so I made the model the child of a empty GameObject and put the NavMeshAgent on the parent with no rotation. That fixes the issue!

*It’s the same for any rotation on the model!


Ah yes, old hat, sorry.

The latest versions of Blender have some kind of Rotation fix built in! (Experimental) Otherwise Mirgars fix works just fine.

Bodging in Unity will cause further problems.