GameObject Zorder

Hi everyone, sorry for any english typing mistakes.

I’m very new to unity and still playing arround with ‘Roll-a-Ball’ Unity tutorial.

I attached a Sprite with a ‘red aura’ to the yellow ball. That sprite has a script that makes it facing camera.

I want that Sprite to be always visible, so if the yellow ball is hidding behind any object, the ‘red aura’ will still be visible for the player.

Before Unity i used Blitz3D and that task was very simple by just increasing the Zorder value.

How do i do it in Unity? Searched hard on this but can’t find anything easy to understand, and many times i just found responses linked to nonexistent pages.

thanks in advance


Forgot to mention that camera zooms in and out based on the distance between Player 1(yellow ball) and Player 2 (8-ball), so placing a GUI element will not solve.