GameObjects static array NullReferenceException

Hello, everyone, I am quite new to Unity and I am trying to port a game I made some time ago in it. I am facing a problem with a static array of GameObjects. I get no errors in the editor, but when I try to access it, I get a NullReferenceException. Here is the code I used to create the array:

static GameObject[] blockArray = new GameObject[10];

	void start() {
		blockArray[0] = GameObject.Find ("Block1");
		blockArray[1] = GameObject.Find ("Block2");
		blockArray[2] = GameObject.Find ("Block3");
		blockArray[3] = GameObject.Find ("Block4");
		blockArray[4] = GameObject.Find ("Block5");
		blockArray[5] = GameObject.Find ("Block6");
		blockArray[6] = GameObject.Find ("Block7");
		blockArray[7] = GameObject.Find ("Block8");
		blockArray[8] = GameObject.Find ("Block9");
		blockArray[9] = GameObject.Find ("Block10");

What am I doing wrong?

start doesn’t get called automatically. Start does.

I recommend using PascalCase for everything except backing fields (which are a stupid concept and shouldn’t exist, but that’s what we’ve got), and parameters. If you use camelCase, then you have to change case when converting from a field to a property. Just treat every variable like a property with get and set sharing the access of the property itself, until you want to change one of them.

Also, you can’t count on a field initializer on a MonoBehaviour. Move that into Awake.